Monday, March 10, 2014


This was written as a response to a challenge that required writing something on the colour Red.
        What a colour! Deep, melliflous, flowing like an incessant river, peaceful on the surface but possessing a potent undertow. Yes, thats what it was...the colour red.

        He had always had an affinity to that colour right from the start, but that day it just became something much more! He had been dreaming that day...or was it had been so very vivid. There she was standing, on that a crimson red dress. Oh, yes; crimson red, such beauty in that colour...the glow reaching her face making it almost seem incandescent, like a divine angel walking the face of this earth. With outstretched arms she had beckoned him; a simple act, yet so seductive that he found his feet carrying him into her arms. He melted there. When their lips met, it was a pleasure like no other, where a thousand emotions cascaded through his mind, flowing with excitement through his heart, and ending up pooling in his soul, where they formed a tumultuos sea of feelings; the waves of which crashed again and again on the walls of his heart, reverberating through his entire body. The night was chilly but her embrace was as warm as a cozy blanket, and as she nestled her head against his chest, he lost himself in the lovely curls of her frizzled hair which appealed so much to him.

        And then with him standing there with his eyes closed, she had left him. And as his eager gaze darted about to sight her, she was walking out over the sea. He tried calling out, but somehow his voice failed him. He lost his ability to move, his feet stuck as if in quicksand; he dropped to his knees. She was already out onto the sea, she gave him a final look, an angelic smile...and dissolved in shimmers which twinkled bright red and then disappeared in an infinite red mist.

        Unlike his voice, his tears did not fail him. His eyes clouded over and agonizing pain trickled down his face, hot colourless pain...the pain of losing someone who meant the world to him, in whose company he didn't care about anything else. Someone who took away a piece of him, his dreams, hopes, and almost everything else. The world turned a shade of black which increased in magnitude with every passing instant. He rolled over and fainted...

        Eyes wide open, he had lived it again. As on many other nights, that dream or nightmare was clear as day. He was so confounded; an imaginary act so powerful that one part of it made his heart want to live it endlessly, eternally; and the other part so cruelly painful that he cringed even at the thought of it. A dilemma that had no answer; just the lone option of living through it, with it.

        He walked to the window and stared outside. The world looked peaceful; a stark contrast to the insides of him which were heaving like a sea in the middle of a violent hurricane. The world stared back at him with red eyes. Everything after that day had been imbued with a red tinge...crimson red. He dressed and walked out, gazing at the crimson hues of the red flowers, the red colour of the buildings, the red of the just rising sun. The sea was blood red and moving anxiously. People milled about, a bright crimson shade of red. Monochrome - how that word stuck to him; except that his world had only one colour, which flowed, superfluous, imposing itself on his mind, painting his soul, and with that, tainting his dreams...

        He walked on, shaking his head at the strange numbness, which almost infallibly accompanied this feeling, and disappeared in a red haze...